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These girls have inspired me for years. They’re fearless, determined and driven. On their very own pursuit. In 2010, I was introduced to The Girls Gotta Run Foundation and it’s been all love ever since. A non-profit org. investing in girls to empower themselves through running and education, GGRF get’s “it”. A volunteer-fueled effort, I initially had the pleasure of collaborating with the folks at GGRF to offer digital marketing services in order to build up their social media presence and overall online visibility. In 2013, the GGRF website was the focus of my digital media capstone project and I worked to improve the on-site user experience by updating the site to a responsive website and enhancing the visibility of the brand with a social media package. Check GGRF out on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

I implore you to explore just a step further and read about these amazing girls.