[pash–uh n] noun. an outburst of strong emotion or feeling I’m a lover of many things. Color, jazz, festivals, men’s cologne (reminds me of my Dad), coffee, my nieces/nephews laughter, love, authenticity, vinyls, sunset, sunrise, fall afternoons, Low End Theory. You get the picture (pun intended). It’s a lot. Also, I love to share my Read more about passion(S)[…]

Girls Gotta Run Foundation, Ethiopia


#girls | #Ethiopia | #running | #badass. These girls have inspired me for years. They’re fearless, determined and driven. On their very own pursuit. In 2010, I was introduced to The Girls Gotta Run Foundation and it’s been all love ever since. A non-profit org. investing in girls to empower themselves through running and education, Read more about pursuit(S)[…]



We’re all made of stars. “With chemical elements forged over 14 billion years in the fires of high-mass stars that exploded into space, and with these elements enriching subsequent generations of stars with carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and other basic ingredients of life itself, we are not just figuratively but literally made of stardust.” – Neil Read more about project(S)[…]